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Lluvia - Enigma 3x10"

Image of Lluvia - Enigma 3x10"




The third full length offering from Mexican black metal band Lluvia. No track list, no information. The 3x10" record set has no end or beginning. Choose a record, play a side, and lose yourself to its dark ominous ruin.

The beginning is not always where it seems to be...


Co-released with Amor Fati Productions from Germany


There are some sound anomalies which are unable to be fixed without scrapping the entire press and starting from scratch, which is simply not possible for us to do for numerous reasons. Additionally, one of the records is meant to be played in an atypical fashion. It's up to you to figure it out.

By purchasing this record, it is assumed that you've read this text. There will be no refunds or exchanges for any of the above stated reasons.

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